Description (Deskripsi)

Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR) conference is an annual conference series started from the year of 2001 It has been taking place in many venues, many institutions and countries, particularly Asian countries. The main focus of SENVAR as represented by the title is about sustainable environment and its connection to architecture. For the year 2018, SENVAR conference will be organised in Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. The theme and the description of the conference are as follows: Architecture and built environment towards future challenges. The issue of sustainability has been the main concern in architecture in the last two decades. This issue acknowledges the impact of architecture and built environment to society and living environment. While the 21st century has brought us more challenges than ever in climate change and global warming, it also brings more opportunities through new innovations and approaches that can be applied in architecture and built environment. *After making payment please confirm to the committee through

Basic Information (Informasi Dasar)

Fakultas Teknik

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