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International Conference on Science and Applied Science 2018 Lorin Solo Hotel May 12, 2018 The International Conference on Science and Applied Science (ICSAS) 2018 conference is aimed to bring together scholars, leading researchers and experts from diverse backgrounds and applications areas in Science. Special emphasis is placed on promoting interaction between the science theoretical, experimental, and Education Sciences, engineering so that a high level exchange in new and emerging areas within Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, all areas of sciences and applied mathematics and sciences is achieved. We are pleased to invite you to submit your paper for presentation at this conference in oral. You are also possible to propose a special session in this conference. The presented and selected manuscript of ICSAS 2018 will be published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, IOP Publishing (indexed by SCOPUS). And the other will be published in International Journal of Science and Applied Science: Conference Series (IJSASCS). Scopes Physics Mathematics Chemistry Biology Educational Physics Educational Mathematics Educational Chemistry Educational Biology Materials Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Keynote Speakers The Scientific Program of ICSAS 2018 will include plenary talks given by the following invited speakers: Assoc. Prof., Dr. Eng, Muhammad Aziz, Advanced Energy Systems for Sustainability Center (AES Center), Tokyo Institute of Technology Dr. Alexander Khmaladze, Assistant Professor, Physics Department, University at Albany SUNY Dr. Eng. Nugroho Agung Pambudi, Geothermal, Mechanical Engineering Education, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University (Geothermal power generation in Indonesia, a country within the ring of fire: Current status and future development) Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Mathematics Education and ICT, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia

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