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Call for Papers Digital Culture and Its Implications in Various Settings Keynote Speakers 1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hishamudin Isam Universiti Utara Malaysia Linguistics 2. Prof. Dr. Radhika Gajjala Bowling Green State University Cultural Studies & Media 3. Dr. Viola Lasmana California State University, Long Beach, US Literature 4. Dr. Bayu Budiharjo, SS, M.Hum Universitas Sebelas Maret Translation Studies 5. Taufiq Al Makmun, SS, MA, (Ph.D) Universitas Sebelas Maret American Cultural Studies Timeline 15 July 2024 Abstract deadline 18 July 2024 Abstract announcement 28 July 2024 Payment deadline 1 August 2024 Full-paper submission Academic Disciplines & Specific Topics (Include but not limited to) Literature 1. Intersections of Science and Literature: Exploring the Genre of Science Fiction 2. Rewriting History: Historical Fiction and Its Role in Shaping Collective Memory. 3. The Role of Translation in the Global Circulation of Literature 4. Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Literature 5. The Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Literature and New Media Media & Cultural Studies 1. Intertextuality and ideology: Social Actor's representation in Social Media 2. Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Non-Profit Advertisements 3. Discourse Construction of Social Power in Instagram Parodies 4. Intertextuality and Historical Nostalgia in Public Speeches 5. Constructing Personal Branding Visually and Linguistically Linguistics 1. Digital Communication and Language Evolution 2. Multilingualism in the Digital Age 3. Digital Literacy and Language Acquisition 4. Online Discourse and Sociolinguistics 5. Online Discourse and Systemic Functional Linguistics Translation Studies 1. Translation Technologies and Digital Media 2. Automated Translation and Human Involvement 3. Education and Training in Translation Technology 4. Cultural and Linguistic Adaptation in Audiovisual Translation 5. Digital Storytelling and Narrative Translation Publication WOS indexed proceedings (Atlantis Press) Payment Method Participant - Presenters Fee IDR 750.000 Participant - Non Presenter Fee IDR 400.000 Submit your abstract and full article to It is a poster non-presentation seminar. All participants will be required to have posters to be but they will not be required to present them. Organized by English Department Faculty of Cultural Sciences Universitas Sebelas Maret Contact Persons Yuyun Kusdianto +6281226824602 Yusuf Kurniawan +6285325755571

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