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Theme: “From Risis to Opportunity: Adapting and Mitigating to Climate Change for Sustainable Development” Website: Email: SCOPE: 1. Land Degradation and Land Conservation 2. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 3. Forest-based Adaptation 4. Hydro-meteorological, Biological, and Geophysical Disaster 5. Water Resource Management 6. Integrated Coastal Zone Management 7. Air Pollution, Greenhouse Effect and Urban Heat Island (UHI) 8. Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change 9. Climate Change Policy 10. Social Safety Nets and Livelihood Diversification 11. Environmental Economic and Law 12. Education for Sustainable Development 13. Regional Planning for Disaster Management 14. Disaster Risk Management 15. Resilient Cities and Communities 16. Green Infrastructure and Sustainability 17. Sustainable Land Use and Urban Planning PUBLICATION: IOP-Earth and Environmental Science (Scopus Indexed) For More Information: Fitria (+62 895-1032-0291) Isti (+62 857-4276-7541 Putry (+62 882 0037 28937) Muna (+62 859 4135 4495)

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