Description (Deskripsi)

The 7th International Conference on Learning Innovation and Quality Education (ICLIQE 2023) is organized by Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. The purpose of the ICLIQE 2023 activity is as a forum to accommodate researchers, academics, educators and education staff, consultants, government and other stakeholders to share perspectives related to educational trends seen from the perspective of society 5.0 era which includes the fields of science and technology education, social and humanities, management education, basic education, special education, early childhood education, guidance and counseling, curriculum, and educational evaluation and innovation. Scopes: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION CURRICULUM, TEACHING, AND LEARNING ON INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION OF EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION OF LEARNING AND TEACHING ON DIGITAL ERA INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY AND PEDAGOGY. DEVELOPMENT OF INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA AND TEACHING MATERIALS Important Dates Abstract Submission Deadline: 8 Juni 2022 Abstract Acceptance: 9-11 Juni 2022 Deadline Full Paper Submission: 22 Juni 2023 Full Paper Acceptance: 11 Juli 2023 Conference Date: 28 Juli 2023

Basic Information (Informasi Dasar)

Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan

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