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One of the routine agenda of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia is International Conference on Social and Political Sciences. This year, We will hold the 6th International Conference. The previous International Conference; The 5th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences we designated Technology and Innovation in Contemporary Democratic Society as the theme. Previously, in 2017, We have successfully run The 4th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences with Social and Political Movemnet in Information Society Era as the theme. We have published the collected Paper on KnE Publishing Services for the 2016 event. Published on Scitepress Digital Library for IcoSaPS 2017 and published onesaccredited national journal which collaborate to the 5th IcoSaPS and Internasional proceeding in Atlantis Presst. This year, in The 6th International Conference on Social and Political Sciences, the theme we set is Strengthening Resilient Society in The Disruptive Era. The world community experiences global changes due to globalization. Globalization makes the world in folds to provide easy access. In the era of globalization, today’s societies are faced with multifarious challenges. In addition, the era of the industrial revolution with the stages of technological development has brought a variety of global changes. At present the world that has entered the 4.0 industrial revolution with the development of the Internet of Things and Cyber Physical System makes things faster and easier. Access to information is increasingly wide open. The industrial revolution 4.0 also had disruptive effects on all lines of life. The community must be ready to face new innovations that are changing to the root or foundation. A series of social change and global technology highlighted the need to enhance the resilience of social infrastructure against sudden shocks, particularly for those categorized as vulnerable groups. Our society faces issues the consequences of which are difficult to fathom. Markets and economies are connected worldwide, digital technology plays an ever more important role, climate change is being felt and the aging population and migration affect the make-up of communities. Strengthening the community to be able to deal with changes in the 4.0 industrial revolution with its disruption must be carried out by all stakeholders. The era of disruption is not only happening in the business sphere, but now it has penetrated into the fields of education, media and communication, politics, network society, security and world peace issues. Society must integrate many more factors to get a grip on the complexity of contemporary change. The concept of resilient society can encourage suistanable development. The context of the theme in this year’s IcoSaPS is not only the disruption aspect in technology or natural disaster, but also how the social life and human development aspect faces the disruption era. Strengthening the resilient society connects science and society focusing on issues such as Smart Cities, Human-Robot Interaction, Future of Youth, Social Politics, Climate and Energy Transition. So our sub-theme will also provide space to participate in discussing how issues of gender, social justice, pluralism, social movement, social change in society and aspects of international relations in IcoSaPS 2020. In addition, the issue of climate change that has an impact on the earth is also included in our discussion, how can the community be resilient in facing global warming and environmental damage issues. The conference is conducted to invite researchers on various fields of studies to analyze and discuss the social and political issues in the disruptive era because of industrial revolution 4.0 and global warming. The topics are listed below but any other topics relevant to the theme will be considered. This conference aims to explore and elaborate Strengthening Resilient Society in The Disruptive Era. Speakers will deliberate issues on four areas relevant but not limited to: public administration and governance, communication and international relations studies, and also sociology studies. While this conference focuses mainly on the social and political spheres, it welcomes research from inter-disciplinary areas. Venue : International Webinar via Cisco Webex and Zoom Meeting Sub Theme: 1. Politics, governance and democracy 2. Gender, disability and social justice 3. Religion, pluralism and social movement 4. Environmental, health and disaster 5. Tourism, culture and innovation 6. Education and digital literacy 7. Media, communication and social change 8. Security, peace and human right 9. Globalization, network society and regional dynamics Important Dates • Abstract Submission Batch I (Extended) June 20, 2020 • Notification Batch I June 25, 2020 • Abstract Batch II June 26 – July 10, 2020 • Notification Batch II July 15, 2020 • Full Paper August 15, 2020 • Early Bird Payment June 25 – August 01, 2020 • Regular Payment August 05 – September 20, 2020 • Non Presenter Registration August 05 – September 20, 2020 • Conference Day October 7-8, 2020 Publication opportunities * • All accepted papers will be published in Atlantis Press Proceeding • Selected papers will be published on : • Jurnal Komunikasi: Malaysian Journal of Communication –UKM (Scopus Q3) • Jurnal Sosial Politik- UGM ( Scopus) • Politika: Jurnal Ilmu Politik – Undip (Sinta 2) • Bisnis & Birokrasi : Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi – UI (Sinta 2) • Jurnal Sosiologi Walisongo – UIN Walisongo Semarang (Sinta 2) • Jurnal Komunikasi Indonesia – UI (Sinta 2) • Jurnal ASPIKOM (Sinta 2) • Jurnal Analisa Sosiologi – UNS (Sinta 4) • Spirit Publik : Jurnal Administrasi Publik– UNS (Sinta 4) * all publication with additional charge Secretariat: Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Universitas Sebelas Maret Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 36A Surakarta CP : Whatsapps 081226666062 (Haris Annisari Indah NR, S.Sos) 085646400157 (Arofah Minasari, S.S, M.A) E-mail: website :

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