International Conference ICTTE 2019 & The 1st AEVEC 2019 Nama Kegiatan : The 5th internasional Conference on Teacher Training and Education (The 5th ICTTE) & "LEVERAGE ENGINEERING EDUCATION TO REINFORCE VOCATIONAL TRAINING IN ASIA AND BEYOND" The 1st AEVEC 2019 invites researchers, academicians, educators, practitioners, government agencies, and consultants around the world to attend and share their insights, perspectives and new trends of research. The conference accepts scholarly manuscripts of the latest development in education including Literature Review, Conceptual Paper, and Research Report which are related to the theme of the conference. Tanggal Pelaksanaan : 04-06 Oktober 2019 Location : Best Western Hotel, Surakarta,Indonesia Early Bird Payment : s.d. 12 September 2019 Regular Payment : s.d. 22 September 2019

Basic Information

Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan

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